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Creating a Balinese Garden

Balinese inspired gardens are never going out of style. Of course, we are biased, but there is so much room for creativity when creating a Balinese garden. How could you not want one? We always get asked, can you create a Balinese garden in Australia? The answer is yes! So, if you are looking to landscape your yard into a Balinese oasis, look no further because this is the blog for you! Let’s talk about what we know best!

What is a Balinese garden concept?

Are you looking to channel luxury and relaxation in your own backyard? How about a private retreat with tropical plants, beautiful pebbles and pavers, and water features galore? Well, it sounds like you need a Bali garden.

So, what is a Bali garden? Let us paint a picture. There are beautiful cascading water features all around you. Tropical foliage and Balinese flowering plants like frangipanis and lotus lilies bloom. Shaded by a gazebo, a sense of privacy and sanctuary surrounds you as you admire the walls of trees and natural materials around you. Incense are burning, and you can feel yourself relaxing. This is the essence of a Bali garden.

Best Bali garden ideas

Landscaping your own Bali garden is a very creative process. There are no rules on how to make a Bali garden. We suggest multi-layered planting and bright colours to attract birds. It’s about making a tranquil space with a Bali atmosphere. Choosing your Balinese garden plants is one of the greatest parts. We love the use of bamboo and palm materials to shelter your space. Bananas are a perfect fruit to grow in the Australian climate while still sticking to a Bali theme. Transform your space with flora like hibiscus, bougainvillea or magnolia flowers.

Do you want our landscaping advice? If you want to bring colour and culture to your space, take to the walls. Wall art can really transcend the space and create the Bali garden elusion. You will think you are holidaying in a villa in Indonesia. Contrasting between Balinese garden décor, art, and earth is the perfect mix to creating a Bali garden landscape design in Perth.

Textured stone and hard materials are staples in a Bali garden. Neutral colours with beautiful patterns and decorative stones convert the space. We offer an array of stones and rocks to help you produce the perfect Bali floor pattern. Maybe use them to make a path or create contrasting geometric patterns in the pathway. You take the creative reigns.

Outdoor water features are what make the Bali garden recognisable. They are a staple to all projects. They not only look incredible, but they attract wildlife into your oasis. We offer a range of abstract and Bali-inspired water features and birdbaths that will fit any space. The Buddha Face Water Features are a nod to your appreciation of the culture while also admiring their beauty. Some of our favourite water features are the Terrazzo Twist Water Feature, the Shaolin Water Feature, and the Serenity Water Feature, all equally beautiful and peaceful. Bali gardens are for creating a sanctuary. You want to make an intimate space where you can reflect, relax and regroup after a long day.

Creating a Balinese garden is about forming the allusion you are in Bali while also allowing yourself to get creative. You want to transform your space into an ambient, natural oasis where you get a feeling of peace. So, if you’re thinking, “how can I make my garden look better” look no further. Come into our store for inspiration or browse our website to see what products you envision being in your Balinese Oasis.

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