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Statues and Ornaments

When it comes to the DIY backyard design, not enough budding landscapers take finer details into account. Plus, there are only so many plants you can take in an outdoor space! 

We’ve seen so many beautiful garden transformations that lack personality and intrigue. Once you have finished your landscaping and filled up your garden beds, an easy way to show your guests a bit more of who you are is through garden statues and ornaments. 

Elevate your outdoor space with a piece from our statue and ornaments range at Bali Garden and Stone. We have a wide range of Buddha statues and Balinese figures to choose from. But, why choose Balinese statues and ornaments? Balinese pieces ooze laid-back elegance and remind us of the island lifestyle we know and love.  All of our pieces are sourced directly from Indonesia, giving you a chance to incorporate an authentic part of Balinese culture and spirit in your home.