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Wall Art

We hate seeing wall space go to waste. Break up the expanses of empty walls with high-quality wall art. You don’t have to be an artist in residence to have elegant and personality-driven pieces brighten up your home.

Where is the best place to hang wall art?

The general rule of thumb when it comes to hanging artwork is to aim for eye level. Interior designers recommend hanging your wall art 60 inches from the floor to the centre of your piece. This is the average human eyesight level and is the gauge to hang artwork in galleries around the world. You don’t need to reinvent the wheel when it comes to interior and exterior design. If it’s not broken, don’t fix it!

Hanging wall art in the living room

 There is a key balance to maintain with wall art decor in a living space where the gaze is competing with furniture and other pieces. Any wall art behind a sofa or side table should be two-thirds of the size to find the right balance. If you are layering wall art, ensure the bigger pieces accumulate in the bottom left, with the smaller pieces fanning out higher to the right.

Hanging wall art in the bedroom

 Layering wall art decor is becoming the new bedhead. This gallery-like effect draws the gaze over the bed and upward, an excellent focal point. When determining the final placement of artwork in the bedroom, ensure it is centred; otherwise, it can leave the room feeling off-balance. The same sizing rule applies here; if you have artwork or a collection above your bed, it should be around two-thirds the size of your bed.

Hanging wall art outside

Outdoor wall art is too often looked over! So many of our clients don’t even think to collect signature pieces for their outdoor space despite their backyard ground area being decorated to the nines! Use them to mark your entertaining area, personalise your fence, or hide an unsightly wall feature. Just be warned, once you purchase one, it’s a collection you will want to grow. Elevate your outdoor design with one of our delightful wall art pieces; shop online or in-store.

Metal wall art care tips

Metal wall art decor just makes sense. It gives you the ability to add a touch of nature to bare walls, tying in the sides of your home with the natural landscape of your backyard that lies beyond. To keep your metal wall art decor looking its best, all you will need to do is the occasional dusting. Using a microfibre cloth, remove dust and small blemishes. Ensure your dusting cloth of choice is clean and soft, as this can damage your piece.

Why you should buy wall art from Bali Garden & Stone

From geckos to butterflies, magpies and our personal favourite, West Coast Eagles memorabilia, show your pride in our range of metal wall art pieces. We have something for everyone. Please browse our range online or in-store.