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FAQ & AfterpayAfterpay now available in-store,  shop now pay later interest free!

Buy what you want today, take it home today and start enjoying your new item straight away!

Pay over 8 weeks with four easy installments with Afterpay!  No hidden fees and no lengthy application! If it’s your first time with Afterpay, your first payment will be made at the time of purchase. If you’ve used Afterpay before, your first payment will be made 14 days after purchase. Transactions are processed through Afterpay’s payment gateway.

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Bali Garden & Stones T&C’s for Afterpay;

Purchase’s must be from $59  to $1000 in one transaction!

Afterpay can not be used for Sale Items, Discontinued stock or with any of our instore discount cards.


Keeping a water feature clean is pretty easy. An outdoor feature is open to the wind, leaves, dirt, animals, rain and sun.

To clean the pump thoroughly, take it right out and hose any debris or build-up from it. Open the cover and clean out the inside of the pump as well. Any hard-to-reach areas can be cleaned out with an old toothbrush. Just a few minutes of pump maintenance will keep your fountain running smoothly, and beautifully, for a long time to come. You can use CLR to remove calcium build up from the pump as well. Keeping that pump clear and free of leaves, dirt, and anything else that might get stuck in it is important for its longevity.

Applying a clear sealer to your water feature will protect the surface and help prevent any algae stains occurring, this process can be repeated annually to keep your feature looking like new.

Adding some sort of water conditioner to your feature will help prevent algae from forming.

Getting your Statue home in one piece… you may need another person to help you get the statue out of your vehicle when you get home.

We recommend transporting in the crate to avoid damage on the way home. Most of our statues can be very heavy please take care when uncrating & installing, carefully break away the crate and gently remove the feature ensuring it is supported underneath. DO NOT carry your statue by any individual part e.g. head, arms, trunk, etc. Always carry it carefully under the main body or base.

All our concrete/stone statues are designed for outdoor areas. We recommend sealing your product with a clear sealer which will help to protect your statue from the elements, it may be necessary to repeat this process yearly.

Tips for taking care of your Water Feature

Water features come crated, they can be fragile and generally are very heavy, please take care when uncrating & installing. Take extra care when removing from the crate, carefully break away the crate without pushing on the feature remove the feature ensuring it is supported underneath.

It is recommended sealing your water feature, bases should be sealed with a flexible waterproof sealer. Please note that Concrete and Terrazzo water features expand and contract with heat and cold which can cause hairline cracks, this is normal. Re-application of sealer may be necessary if this occurs. DO NOT fill your water feature in the heat of the day as cold water into a hot base will cause cracks.

Water feature pumps are sold separately, this is to ensure you match the correct feature and pump to produce the desired effect.Water levels must completely cover pump when running otherwise the pump will burn out,which will void any warranty.

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