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Are you looking for a birdbath in Perth? Well, you’ve come to the right place. We have a range of different size birdbaths in a number of styles and colours. From Balinese to more Medieval looking, if you are looking to appeal to our flying friends, we have a birdbath here for you.

Why should you have a birdbath in Perth? By helping natural birdlife, you are promoting the healthy development of our local ecosystems. Plus, birds pollinate plants, spread seeds and are natural pest controllers.

Birds use birdbaths in summer for a much-needed drink and for bathing all year round to preen their feathers. The water makes it easier for the dirt to loosen and spread oil from their preen gland to keep them warm.

On those hot summer days, birds can end up under severe stress. Once the temperature hits 37 degrees Celsius, birds suffer from heat stress and start to lose their physical condition. You should consider a birdbath in the shade for this reason alone! Help out our flying friends and browse our range of birdbaths below.