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Enter a world of peace and tranquility

Add some Zen to your backyard

Imagine experiencing serenity in your own home. After a long day, you walk into your garden and experience nature in all its glory. It sounds glorious, but is it possible to turn your garden into a peaceful sanctuary? Well, yes it is.

Gardens are often known as nature’s meditation hotline, which is why many gardeners have started creating peaceful Zen gardens. If you Google ‘Zen garden’, you’ll be met with some wacky and intricate results, which could cost you a lot of money and put you off gardening entirely. However, there are affordable ways to create a Zen garden that will suit your budget and needs. All that’s needed is careful planning and a place where you can buy all the accessories at an affordable price.

X marks the spot

The aim of a peaceful garden refuge is a place that is stress-free and away from your normal environment. Select a spot, if possible, that is not too close to your house and neighbours. Decide how much space you require, taking into consideration what will be included in your ‘peace garden.’ If you have a tiny garden and want to use the entire space, this is fine, and if you want to use a small corner of a larger space, that’s fine too.


Yes, your garden can be themed, but which one to choose? There’s no best-practice guide to choosing a theme; all you need to know is that the one you select must make you feel at ease. If you’re going for colour, then you may consider your favourites, but it’s recommended that you choose something that symbolises peace and calm, think blue, green, or white. So, what is meant by a colour theme? For example, if you choose a white theme, then you’ll go for flowers that are white in colour and white garden furniture and accessories.

Perhaps you want a theme from your favourite novel or writer. A popular theme is Shakespeare, which will include an array of plants mentioned in the Bard’s numerous works; rosemary, fennel and violets from Hamlet and roses from Romeo and Juliet. Perhaps you want an evening garden with lanterns hanging from trees and a bench underneath, do it.


Your garden accessories will go hand-in-hand with your theme. So if you’re going with Shakespeare or a blue theme, find accessories that will compliment this. Also, remember to keep it simple. Introducing too many pieces could be distracting, which is the opposite of what you’re trying to achieve. Water features are peaceful and add a rustic ambience to your garden.

Buddhists usually create a special prayer altar within their home or garden, complete with a Buddha statue. If you are planning to add a statue to your garden, make sure it can withstand the elements of nature.

Above all, you need to make sure your garden is simple to maintain and easy to unwind in.

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