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Garden Decor in Perth

Garden Decor  

Bali is synonymous with picturesque views, resorts and the ultimate feeling of relaxation. Hence why Bali Garden & Stone remains inspired by these ideas to create our own spaces of tranquillity.    

Balinese garden decor is the perfect way to add serenity to your backyard. You won’t have to travel far to paradise anymore.  

If you’re looking for expertly crafted, authentic Balinese garden decor in Perth, we have you covered. Our products are imported directly from Indonesia, allowing us to sell them to you at the best prices.  

Keep in mind; you don’t need a Balinese themed garden to add some of these features to your space. Our water features add that ‘wow factor’ no matter what backyard design takes your fancy. And it suits our Australian climate to a tee. Our water features are a hit in any backyard and take your at-home tranquillity to the next level.  

If you prefer less maintenance, choose a user-friendly, self-contained water feature that only needs to be plugged into the wall. Perhaps you would like a more elaborate design that requires a full installation? We can assist you with your water feature delivery and installation. 

We’ve also got our flying friends covered. We love the habitat birdbaths encourage. Our range of beautifully constructed birdbaths will ensure your backyard birds are kept happy.  

We know our customers want choice. When you’re hunting for garden decor in Perth, you want to know you’re looking at the creme of the crop. Our garden decor pots will satisfy the gardener in you, with a range of pots to complement any space. 

From our large garden decor products, we also have you covered on your garden essentials. Please have a browse of our garden stones, rocks and pebbles, which fill those spaces and look good while doing it.  

Are you looking for more decorative touches? The ideal garden statues and ornaments are waiting for you! We’ve chosen these stunning pieces, each of which individually add a world of charm and an air of opulence to your large or small outside area.  

Working with a small backyard doesn’t mean you have to fall short on garden decor. We have a range of wall art and even wall water features to add style and tranquillity no matter what you’re working with.  

View our extensive range of perfectly crafted outdoor accessories, which are available in various designs that will add a dynamic element of style to any garden.  

Bali Garden & Stone’s exotic garden products are designed to withstand harsh weather conditions. Sourced from reputable suppliers, our products are hardy, durable and stylish and our lovely array of garden ornaments can be combined to create beautiful gardens. 

Transform your patio, garden, alfresco kitchen or pool areas from something simple to a stunning space that exudes a comfortable ambience with our beautiful garden decor. Come in and take a look, we’d love to help you take your outdoor space to the next level.  

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