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How To Attract Birds To Your Bird Bath

So you’ve invested in a birdbath. Birdbaths are a fabulous way to help our Australian native birds by providing them with a safe spot to hydrate away from predators. But what’s the point of having a birdbath if no birds are using it? 

They certainly do look great, but we see people disheartened when their birdbath isn’t attracting any flying friends. 

There’s a bit more to it than you might think! So we have compiled our advice on How To Attract Birds To Your Birdbath.  


Placing a birdbath in the wrong spot may end up doing a bird more harm than good. A birdbath shouldn’t be close under a feeder or a shedding tree. This debris will slowly fill the birdbath and encourage bacteria to grow that could be extremely harmful to birds. 

If too close to a window, birds may fly into it’s reflection rather than the reflection from the water. A strategically placed birdbath will be in a spot easy to see from indoor or outdoor living space (to know if it is attracting birds or not). We also recommend it’s placed close to a hose to make maintenance easier. 

Safety nearby

If you’ve watched birds around a birdbath, you’ll notice they all don’t hang out in the bath all at once. They ideally want a safe place nearby, either the side of a building or wayward branch to land on first before approaching the bath. It also gives them a safe spot to retreat to if a dangerous house cat is eyeing them off…


Birdbaths are essentially for birds to preen and cool down in warmer months. To ensure the birdbath doesn’t turn into the temperature of a bubble bath, make sure you place it somewhere in the shade. This will also prevent the water from evaporating too quick! 


Is there something in the water for your birds to rest on without being fully submerged? Some birdbaths come with a perch for preening, but if yours doesn’t feature one, you can easily DIY. Simply place a stick adjacent to the birdbath or place some medium-size stones in the bowl which break the water level. This makes the bath more approachable as the birds don’t have to commit to getting wet until they know it’s a safe space to rest. Who can blame them? It’s unfamiliar territory. 

By adopting these simple tips when setting up your birdbath, you create a safe space for your local birds to enjoy. Now sit back with a cup of tea, a good book and wait for the neighbourhood birds to notice your perfect birdbath down below. It’ll turn into the most happening spot on the street! 

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