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Creating a Balinese Garden

Whilst we are unable to visit our favourite island in Indonesia anytime soon, we can bring the tranquillity of the island oasis into our backyards. Bali is hugely popular amongst Australians, in fact, Aussies are the number one visitors out of any nation that travel to Bali! The villa lifestyle suits the laid back way of life synonymous with Australians. It makes sense the two go hand in hand. For many of us who are dying to get on a plane back to our favourite holiday destination, perhaps bringing the essence of Bali to our backyards is a way to squash the wanderlust.

Here are our top tips for creating a Balinese garden.

Keep it green

Lush greenery needs to be the backdrop for creating a Balinese garden space. And we aren’t talking about a couple of pot plants scattered around. We’re talking layers of foliage and big leafy plants to create the tropical oasis you’re dreaming of. Low on backyard floor space? Vertical gardens are a fabulous and visually striking way to get a dramatic greenery effect in your backyard. Choose pot plants in dark colours for the green to POP.

Tropical plants for a Balinese garden:

  • Frangipanis
  • Jacaranda
  • Palms
  • Hibiscus
  • Bougain villea
  • Bamboo
  • Birds of paradise

Private retreat feeling

What makes a Balinese villa feel so exclusive? Balinese villas and retreats encourage a sense of reflection and relaxation, which is achieved by accentuating privacy elements. You can only truly unwind when you know you’re completely alone. To let yourself unwind in your Balinese backyard as you do on holidays, make sure the neighbours don’t have a front-row seat to your space! If your fence isn’t quite high enough, planting some existing trees or installing bamboo privacy screens will do the trick.

Keep it natural

When choosing furniture for your Balinese garden, opt for natural materials. To create a path, choose stone or cobblestone pavers along with local stones or pebbles for a realistic feel. Outdoor furnishings can be made of wood, rattan or bamboo for an authentic Balinese outdoor area. Keeping it natural also means incorporating natural elements into your Balinese space, like water and fire! Water features bring tranquillity by providing sound, texture and movement into a backyard space. What Balinese villa or hotel have you visited which doesn’t have a water feature? None right? It’s a Balinese garden essential. Or, if water isn’t your natural element of choice, go with a firepit instead! Or commit to the Balinese aesthetic and have both!

Balinese garden final touches

One look we love on the beaches of Seminyak is the array of colourful umbrellas. We love them so much, we decided to stock them! Give us a call on (08) 9250 3899 to see what colours we have left! Once you have your tropical oasis planted, furniture in place and water features built-in, you’re still missing something. Statues and ornaments are typical of the Balinese landscape. Take a look at our range of Monk and Buddha statues to transport you straight to Bali. And to keep it comfy, which is exactly how you should feel on a retreat, include days beds and sun loungers in your Bali garden design.

If you’re looking to create a Balinese garden, you have come to the right place. At Bali Garden and Stone, we supply authentic, quality Balinese goods for West Australians wanting a real taste of Bali in their backyards. Come see for yourself! We are open seven days a week!

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