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Simple Landscaping Tips to Take Your Garden Next Level

Your garden is a canvas, a chance to project your own style, and it’s alive and growing! Just thinking about fresh landscaping space gets us giddy with excitement for all the opportunities to let your creativity shine. 

For landscaping professionals, the task of landscaping a suburban yard is easy. But if this is your first time DIYing your outdoor space, knowing where to start is extremely overwhelming! 

Easy Landscaping Ideas For Beginners:

Keep it Curvey

Giving your lawn and garden bed a curve edge adds an air of whimsy to your garden space. 

Your gaze can’t help but follow the path of a gracious curve, so utilise this outdoor design feature! Create curved paths from garden stones to lead visitors down a path exploring the highlights of your garden. Where could your path lead them to?

Create Pockets

One small garden landscaping idea we love is sectioning off areas. Whilst this may seem like it makes space feel smaller, it has the opposite effect. This is achieved by simply placing large plants or garden walls you are constructed right in eyesight and hiding an area behind it, unseen from the other side.

This gives you things to explore in your yard, and having to travel further into it to see what’s behind, it creates the illusion of more space. 

Solve Unsightly Problems With Plants

Whilst you are adding pockets and depth, you can hide any unsightly features of your yard through plants. 

Our simple landscaping idea is considering introducing hedging and planting trees to camouflage neighbours or busy roads. If you’re too impatient for them to grow, investigate with your local nursery on bringing in established and mature hedging or trees. 

Pace Yourself

Once you get started on your DIY landscaping journey, it’s easy to go all-in and add too much to your garden space. 

Our gardening tip is to let the eyes wander and find the focal point. Is it a water feature, garden statue, perfectly manicured hedges or a spectacular tree? Decide on your landscape design focal point and build the space around it to ensure it compliments each other. 

Consider how the height and shape of plants complement each other? How will your landscaping features complement the greenery? What elements are worth repeating? These are all important questions to ask yourself before and during your landscaping DIY. 

These are just the basics of landscaping design! Now you have to get out there and try your hand at it. If ready to create or need some outdoor inspiration, check out our range of Balinese outdoor features. They are great focal points of any backyard, bringing the tranquillity of Bali into your own backyard.

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