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Top tips for garden statues

Curating an outdoor space

When you are curating your outdoor space, where do you begin? Once you have landscaped where your paths, lawn and patios will lay, what else makes up the bulk of your backyard? At Bali Garden and Stone, we recommend incorporating garden statues into your outdoor landscape to draw focus to key areas and add intrigue to others. Here are our top tips for garden statues for your backyard in WA.

Less is more

Some gardeners get a little too excited when they first introduce garden statues, thinking the more, the merrier! To avoid a messy, yard sale looking garden, you need to be picky with your choice of a garden statue – curate garden statues amongst greenery and pathways, rather than a messy cluster. Start with one in your collection and build around it to avoid a Gnomesville effect. Starting with a larger statement piece, you can use it to pull the gaze to areas of your yard you want guests to focus on; for example, a background piece will encourage a full view of the landscape.

Pick a theme

What vibe are you trying to create in your outdoor space? Choosing an overarching theme will ensure your garden statues are related and not a mismatch of ideas. Are you going for a whimsical fairy garden effect? Take a look at this umbrella bird feeder, an angel holding a heart statue and a small elf statue to create the ultimate wonderland.

Remind yourself of country living with this small ute statue, blue heeler, or quirky metal bird to complete the rustic farmhouse look effortlessly. Instead, you may be inspired by Bali Garden and Stone and want to replicate a Balinese oasis in your space. Our favourite pieces to bring tranquillity into your space are our extensive range of Buddha statues and ornaments. And boy, do we stock Buddhas! From sets of 3 monks, in silver and white, we have kneeling Buddhas holding candles, Buddhas with succulents and planter heads. That’s to name a few! Come browse our store to see our extensive range of Buddha statues in Perth.

Where to place it

You want your garden statues to look natural in a spot that doesn’t look like an accident. Placing garden statues amongst plants, stones, or gravel will give a natural look or compliment a water feature or garden bench with an accompanying statue. Keep in mind how it may look when the plants next to aren’t in bloom. You can place them along pathways to encourage flow or hidden amongst shrubbery for the little ones to find. It will take a lot of trial and error, but you can save hours of pick-up and put-down with some foresight.

When it comes to which way a Buddha statue should face in the garden, there are some protocols to follow. Placing a Buddha statue close to a body of water or flowering plant symbolises spiritual growth and rejuvenation, but avoid placing it next to pumps or power outlets. Buddha statues inside or outside the home should never be placed near machinery, TVs, moving parts or electrical outputs. Placing your Buddha in the garden influences protection and meditation for ultimate tranquillity. But please do not place your Buddha directly on the ground. Face it towards your home to bring abundance and bonus points if you can face it towards the sunrise.

Visit our garden statue store in Midvale or browse our range of garden statues online, there is something for everyone.

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