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Using Stones and Pebbles In Your Garden

Snow White Pebbles 8 - 12mm

Want to spice up your garden space and make it a beautiful Balinese escape? Adding stones and pebbles to your garden is the perfect way to redesign your home. There are so many ways to use stepping stones in your garden; here are a few of our favorite methods.

Petal pavers

Using petal pavers to create a garden path can be one of the most enjoyable and creative builds for your garden. They are easy to lay and organise so you can mix and match combinations and designs to find the one that best fits your home. Petal paver paths are relatively neutral or pastel in colour, but there are many variations to choose from. Garden paths with stepping stones are exquisite yet simple, allowing your taste and style to shine through your space. Pavers are also easy to lay, and it is up to you and your desired style as to how far apart stepping stones should be. We offer a range of petalled paver stepping stones, so head over to our website to view some of our stunning designs. We love the ‘Black Apricot 8 Petal’ or ‘Round Creme Black Petal’ for pathways.

Black polished pebbles 

Another way to spice up your garden is to introduce some black polished pebbles. Black pebbles are a great way to quickly introduce style and design into your garden simplistically and tastefully. Using stepping stones for gardens is an easy and affordable way to revamp your look. Some of our ideas for garden stepping stones are to use them to make planted flora look more presentable, or maybe create a garden path with the stepping stones. You can create a beautiful plain or patterned garden walkway with black polished pebbles, allowing your creative juices to flow while constructing your perfect pathway. It is easy to make a garden path with stepping stones. You can buy garden stepping stones online through our website, where we have five kinds of polished pebbles in different sizes and colour variations. There is something for everyone at Bali Garden & Stone.

Mixed pebbles 

Stepping stones for the garden are so versatile the ideas and creations never stop. Mixed pebbles are an easy way to cover a large area of your garden. We love the idea of using mixed pebbles for a water pathway in your garden. By laying the multicolored stones on the floor of your water stream, it creates a beautiful path for the water to flow. The contrast between the mixed pebbles on the waterbed and the plants or rocks outlining the stream on the ground level is incredible. It creates a raw, natural look for you Balinese garden. This scenic design makes a garden of serenity and peacefulness, which is what we strive for with our products and designs.

There are so many easy ways to revamp your garden with the use of stones and pebbles. With these ideas and your creativity, your garden can stand out. There is something for everyone, and we supply the garden products in Perth to suit your desires. Head over to our website for more information on what we offer, to get a quote or to order now. If you would rather come to the store, you can find us at 235 Morrison Road, Midvale, WA, 6056.

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