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The best way to improve your outdoor area is with garden statues Perth

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If you are looking for a way to make your garden look better, then we can help! With the addition of one of our authentic Balinese garden statues, your garden will be transformed into an oasis of peace and tranquility ready for long summer days and hot summer nights.

A lot of gardening improvements require time and maintenance. That’s why concrete garden statues are the perfect solution. Not only are large garden statues easy to maintain, but they also stand out in any garden and demand attention and awe. If you feel like your BBQ and outdoor setting is lacking vibrancy, then a large or Balinese garden statue could be precisely what you need to set the mood for many more Summer’s nights spent outside with friends and family.

Trends for Garden Statues in Perth
We are lucky that we live in Perth! Our cities proximity to Bali Indonesia means we get the very best products sent to our store regularly and quickly. We are a family-owned and run business who have a strong relationship with our Indonesian suppliers. Meaning you get the very best of Bali every time. A 2020 trend we are noticing is the demand for more garden animal statues and fairy garden statues. We have a wide range of concrete garden statues that are magical and playful! Or if you want something more traditional, then we can help! You won’t find authentic Balinese garden statues like ours anywhere else in Perth. We’re one of a kind and have been for over ten years.

Landscaping Advice
It’s no lie that garden statues in Perth garden centers look great until you bring them home and try to put them in the right place. Just like new furniture in your home, placing a garden statue in the right place outside is just as painful and requires just as much thought. Make sure before you buy your garden statue for sale you consider what type of plants and other concrete garden statues you have in your home. We recommend taking a picture of your garden and where you want to put your Balinese garden statue so when you come in store, we can suggest alternative options and help with the placement of your small or large garden statue.

If you look into gardening designing in Perth, you will notice the most beautiful homes and gardens have a range of different plants and large garden statues. This is because more texture and colour variance in your home creates a relaxed and exotic atmosphere. In Perth, we embrace living near the beach, so the best garden improvements incorporate elements of coastal living with outdoor seating and plenty of luscious greenery.

If you are ready to see the difference, unique Balinese garden statues can have on your garden then come in store! Or if you want to chat about our available stock or need some suggestions on garden improvements then contact us on (08) 9250 3899.