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Selecting the right soil for your project

We specialise in supplying bulk landscape soils and mixing products at affordable prices. If you are unsure about what type of soil you require, browse through the list below for more information, or contact us and chat to one of our friendly, knowledgeable team members.

Landscape Mix 
One of the most versatile types of soil is landscape mix, which is known as the ideal, all-purpose mix. It is created using a blend of topsoil, sawdust and chicken manure and peat to improve water retention. You can use landscape mix for planting new garden beds as it is not too harsh on fresh roots.  Landscape Mix can also be used underneath roll-on turf or seeded lawn. It is a great soil to use all year round; you can either buy in bulk or pre-order 30 litre bags.

Special Lawn Mix 
If your lawn is looking dry and worn out, using this special lawn mix as a top dressing will bring it back to life by rejuvenating the roots. The best time to top dress is in the spring and summer season, after mowing; just be sure to water it in properly. By the time winter has come and gone, your lawn will look bright and lively. The mix composes of lawn sand, sawdust, chicken manure and Gingin loam, and is suitable to use underneath turf or seeded lawn. You can choose to bulk buy or purchase the 20kg bags.

Vegetable Mix 
This mix is ideal for new planting or vegetable gardens. It is a rich mix that contains topsoil, Gingin loam, chicken manure, compost, saw dust, karri barkfines and peat to aid water retention. Available in bulk or you can pre-order in 30 litre bags.

Soil Conditioner 
Designed to be mixed with sandy soil, our soil conditioner is an all-natural, organic mix that contains screened peat, chicken manure, humus, red loam and sawdust. Use soil conditioner to retain moisture and encourage soil helpers, like worms. Available in bulk or 30 litre bags.