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Landscaping For Small Yards

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How do you landscape a small yard?  

We hear you! You want your backyard space to be your private oasis, where you can truly relax and unwind. And, if you are anything like us, you want it to be Balinese inspired of course!! 

What’s a better way to stylise your yard space than with luscious greenery and accessories that transports you to an island getaway. 

But in the paradise of your dreams… you’re probably imagining a large, luxurious relaxation space. But bigger doesn’t necessarily mean better!! Even with the smallest outdoor space, you have the opportunity to transform it into your slice of paradise.  

That’s why we have created this blog post on landscaping ideas for your small yard. Here are the steps to follow on your landscaping endevours!  

1. Planning  

The first step when it comes to any yard transformation is planning!! Draw up a rough or detailed floor plan (or grass plan!) to see how much space you’re working with. Measure how much space you are working with, or even a rough drawn plan will get your small yard landscaping going!  

Once you know what you’re working with begins the fun part, hunting for inspiration! We post Balinese garden inspiration pics and our favourite products on our Instagram and Facebook; check it out @baligardenandstone.  

2. Plants

Balinese gardens = rich greenery. Some of our favourite plants to add colour to small yards are hibiscus, bougainvillea, jasmine, water lilies, magnolia and frangipani. Even with a small front or backyard space, there is a way to incorporate some much-needed greenery. Pot your plants if you don’t have ground space, hanging plants, window boxes or better yet, go vertical! Having plants at all different levels adds layers when landscaping a small yard, adding to the illusion of space.  

3. Water

An ambient water feature is the pride of any Balinese garden, no matter how big or small. When catering to landscaping for small backyards, birdbaths not only keep our flying friends happy but aid in your garden layering. Birdbaths can be situated amongst the foliage as well, adding an attractive feature to your small yard and not taking up much ground space.  

We have a tonne of authentic Balinese water features in Perth, with many of them taking up more space heigh wise than on the ground. The sound of running water will take your yard paradise to the next level.  

4. Paths 

Depending on the scape of your small yard space, adding running lines along the longest length of your yard will create the illusion of space – and it looks great! A garden path adds an invitation to explore the rest of your space; we have a bunch of stepping stone pavers or stones to create this look in small front yard landscaping project!  

5. Accessories

Adding depth and layers to your outdoor space is achieved easily by incorporating outdoor features and accessories. Even in small yard landscaping, adding a few of these elements will add essential detail to your oasis. From statues to gorgeous pots, a large statement piece will tie your small yard landscaping all together. Still struggling for space? Look to your walls! It’s an opportunity to draw the gaze upwards and elongate your yard. We have a range of Bali style wall decor too! 

Check out our range of Balinese and landscaping products to transform your small yard space into the oasis you deserve. Good luck on your small yard landscaping adventure, we hope you add a Balinese touch! 


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